MCA Suspension Shock Shield

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Suspension shock covers

Made from heat resistant Neoprene material that moulds to the spring to keep dust/debris away from the shock shaft and acts as an additional beefed up dust boot.

3 length options: 240mm, 290mm & 340mm.

Note: The front and rear shocks will most likely be different lengths so if you are purchasing the suspension covers for a full set please measure front and rear. 

These Will Not Fit:
-Coilovers with “Bee Hive” Springs.
-Separate spring and shock setups.
-Springs under 80mm OD or over 90mm OD.

If purchasing with a new MCA Suspension order:
Please use the Vehicle compatibility list to help determine if fronts, rear or neither are available for your vehicle, we will take car of the sizes for you with the order.

If purchasing for an existing MCA Suspension set:
Please use the vehicle compatibility list to help determine if the fronts, rear or neither are available for your vehicle then use the size guide to determine the correct sizing you need.

If purchasing for a Non-MCA Suspension product:
Please ignore the compatibility lust and only us the size guide to determine what should work for you.


Vehicle compatibility list.

Size guide.