AeroCatch Universal Performance Panel Fastener Carbon Look - Above Panel Locking

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Here, you are looking at the AeroCatch Hood Pins Flush Locking Kit. These are locking hood pins that secure with a locking key to protect all those go-fast parts that are underneath the hood. 



  • Designed to provide your vehicle with a cleaner look when compared to traditional hood pins
  • Made using durable composite materials
  • Can be used on the hood, trunk, and other body panels where applicable, and where other body panels need to be removed quickly
  • Designed to sit on top of the body panel to provide a flush style look
  • Universal


Kit Includes:

  • Includes (2) AeroCatches
  • Includes (2) stud strikes
  • Includes required installation fasteners
  • Includes rubber bump stops
  • Includes 2 sets of keys
  • Includes bonnet cut-out templates


NOTE: AeroCatch recommends no more than a  5-degree angle between the pin and the latch.