CANchecked MFD28 Gen2 Programmable Touch Screen CanBus Display - Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86 12-21

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CANchecked offers a plug and play CAN Bus display kit to suit Gen 1 Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 and accesses all data from the original ECU. The sensors are queried directly via CAN Bus and are displayed on our proven MFD28 touch screen display . The Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86 display comes with a vehicle-specific cover and fits into the interior like an original part. The ventilation remains functional and air passes through the slots around the display. The sensors are queried via OBD2 and directly from the Can Bus. We have optimized the protocol to achieve maximum query speed.

The CANchecked MFD28 is a 2.8" touch screen display which allows you to monitor a huge amount of information from your car's computer. The MFD28 is a CANbus compatible device which is able to read information from most 2008-onwards vehicles by simply plugging into your vehicles OBDII port. CANbus is currently how newer vehicles send and receive data. Think of it as a USB port on a computer; whatever is plugged into a USB port can be opened and accessed from your computer. If your CANbus ECU has sensors plugged in, then in most cases plugging a CANchecked display will read it* (*see below for more information). Don't have a CANbus ECU in your car? No problem! The MFD28 can accept 4 additional analogue inputs including Flex Fuel sensors directly to the gauge. No ECA module required.

The MFD28 however is more than just a gauge. It is also a data logging tool, a CAN sensor hub, a CAN control switch, a shift light and a warning light! Read below for a full list of features. The MFD28 is a compact device and can used in both landscape and portrait orientations which you can then design in the DSS display setup software on your PC or Laptop. The MFD28 can be configured easily to display certain ECU values with a range of pre-made screen designs.

The CANchecked MFD28 is one of the best ways to monitor and enjoy your vehicle.

Vehicle Specific Information:

As standard, we supply your display with a ready-made TRI file. All sensors that are queried are defined here.


  • Engine water temperature, oil temperature, intake temperature, gasoline temperature,


  • Boost pressure, ambient pressure, fuel pressure


  • Lambda value, short-term lambda adjustment, long-term lambda adjustment, MAF, engine load

Driver dynamics:

  • rBrake pressure, steering angle, vehicle speed, throttle valve angle


  • Speed, tank level, 4x wheel speed, vehicle speed, total ignition angle, gear

If values ​​are missing, they can be added easily.

ATTENTION: not every engine offers all values!

Optional Shift Light

The shift light module can be easily pinned to both the MFD28 and MFD32 touch screen displays. Thanks to the simple and individual configuration, it can be individually adapted to your personal wishes and the engine. All colors and respective speeds of the LEDs are completely adjustable. The shift light is already known from motorsport! For example, in Formula 1 it is integrated directly into the steering wheel. Different colored LEDs show the current speed and flash to signal the optimal switching time.

CANchecked took up this concept and designed its own shift light module. The connection is made via an approx. 50cm long cable to the display at the provided three-pin interface.

Key features of the MFD28

  • Hardware: 2.8" TFT screen, touchscreen, MicroSD, MicroUSB
  • Symmetrical display - therefore ideal for rotating it by 90°
  • Views can be freely configured directly on the display or with our DSS display setup software on the PC
  • Up to 64 widgets per display
  • 64 sensors (Can Bus + internal)
  • 4x analog inputs
  • 2x speed input
  • optional external shift light
  • Can bus switching

Different views

The MFD28 can be customised to display data in many different ways:

Supported values

Many customers always ask: “Which values ​​can I query from my control unit?” The answer: “ ALL ”. Our MFD15 is compatible with ISO 11898-2 and SAE J2284. The ECU manufacturers themselves determine which values ​​are sent via the CAN bus interface. Documentation is important here - perhaps even in the form of a DBC file that can be imported via our DSS . You can also access our extensive list of already implemented control devices. These can be found in the  download area . A total of up to 64 sensors can be queried if the manufacturer supports this.

Data that is available in broadcast as well as OBD2 queries via Can Bus (11bit/29bit) are implemented. Special protocols such as UDS are also available. If the desired control device is not listed, please contact us using the contact form

Included as standard:

  • All vehicles from around 2008 (OBD2 - 11bit/29bit)
  • Ecumaster Classic and Black
  • DTAfast
  • BMW E46 Can Bus
  • Haltech v2
  • Hondata
  • KMS van Kronenburg
  • LinkECU
  • MaxxECU
  • Motec M1
  • Emtron
  • Megasquirt 2 and 3
  • Syvecs
  • Trijekt
  • VW/AUDI PQ34/PQ35 etc.

All other TRI and TRX for your MFD15 Gen2 can be downloaded here .

MFD28 - dimensions and fastening

With its installation dimensions of 70.3 x 52mm, the display is very compact. The four holes on the front and the four black Torx screws included give the whole thing the perfect touch

DSS - Display Setup Software

With our DSS - Display Setup Software, the display can be easily configured on the PC. The Can Bus protocol can be customized, you can import DBC files and design the displays with your widgets. The log viewer downloads log files from the display. You can then look at these and select and scale values ​​individually.

A built-in Can Bus Logger makes it possible to take a very close look at the protocol. This allows unknown can buses to be reverse-engineered.

Connection and Expansion

With our wide product range, the display can be expanded flexibly

  • CANchecked sensor for water/oil temperature
  • CANchecked sensor for oil pressure/petrol pressure
  • CANchecked Can Bus Extension:  MCE18 - Can Bus Extension
  • CANchecked Can Bus Hub:  CBD08 - can bus distribution / can hub

Analogue Forwarding

“Analogue Forwarding” forwards the sensors (up to 4) connected to the display to the control unit - these can be sensors, physical switches, position sensors or others. You can connect an ethanol sensor directly to the MFD32 display. You need a pullup resistor (10K) between 5V and signal. Now you can view and log both the ethanol content and the fuel temperature.

CANbus Switching

Modern control devices communicate with their environment via Can Bus. A very stable two-wire communication medium that is popular not only in the automotive sector but also in industry. The control devices send data to surrounding systems such as ABS, speedometer, all-wheel drive so that the data can be used there accordingly. But communication with the control unit is also possible. More and more “aftermarket” control devices support the function. The control unit receives data via the Can Bus and can use this to (temporarily) change certain parameters.

Due to the touchscreen of our MFD28 / MFD32 / MFD32S and the individually customizable view of the display, we have the opportunity to react very quickly to such requirements.

You can place a widget on the screen and change the type of widget to “CANSwitch”. Now you have the option to choose between EIGHT different switches. You then have to store this in your control unit with the desired function, and you're done. The communication takes over completely from the display. No additional external switches or buttons are necessary. During operation, you can now tap the widget directly and thus trigger “Can Bus Switching”.

Currently supported:

  • triject bee/premium
  • Ecumaster Classic/Black
  • LinkECU
  • Mega squirt 3
  • MaxxECU

Display technology LCD
resolution 320x240 COLOR
service capacitive touchscreen
Power supply 5V/12V/24V
Inputs  1x Can Bus 
Outputs 4x Analog/Digital (0-5V) 
1x PWM out 
Updates by customer (USB)
Logging internal SD card 
Extensions GPS 
CanBus 125/250/500/1000 kbit/s 
termination via software 
11bit identifier - CAN2.0A 
29bit identifier - CAN2.0B 
SAE J1939 

DSS - display setup software


  • 2012-2021 Subaru BRZ ZC6
  • 2012-2021 Toyota 86 ZN6