DBA T3 4000 Slotted Rotors PAIR - Ford Falcon FPV BA/BF/Falcon XR6/XR8/FPV FG/FGX (Front, 355 x 32mm)

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Notes Regarding Vehicle Compatibility:

Vehicle fitment provided in this listing is to be used as a rough guide only and may not actually suit your vehicle. Due to multiple brake packages sometimes being offered by manufacturers it may be necessary to measure your existing brake discs and/or pads and compare with the measurements provided by DBA here:

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DBA's 4000 Series T3 is the ultimate in direct replacement single-piece performance brake rotor. Featuring all the benefits of the 4000 Series plus DBA's patented world renowned T3 bi-directional slot design.

Built on the foundations of DBA's T2 slot, the T3 slot design features additional, precise, CNC machined tri-symmetrical slots, resulting in an even quieter, more responsive and smoother brake pedal feel. The T3 slot increases the number of exit points for brake pad friction dust and gases to escape through, further increasing the consistency and effectiveness of every brake stop.

DBA's revolutionary universal slot design eliminates the need for separate left and right slot designs seen in traditional rotor designs.

DBA's 4000 Series T3 rotors are recommended for all performance applications from street driving, 4x4 and SUV, light utility vehicles, track days, rally cars and armoured vehicles.



Kangaroo Paw 144 diamond and tear drop pillar ventilation system

  • Increased surface area resulting in greater heat dissipation which minimises brake fade and increases braking effectiveness and prolongs service life for both pads and rotors. Reduces mechanical damage and associated costs

T3 Slot 48 precision CNC machined slots

  • Tri-Symmetrical curve slots dampens the vibration harmonics or noise which offers a quieter, responsive and smoother brake pedal feel.
  • Increased number of out-gassing exit points for brake pad friction gasses to escape through increases the consistency and effectiveness of every brake stop.
  • Universal slot design eliminates the need for left and right discs

XG150 High Carbon Alloyed Iron

  • An increase in thermal capacity property allows the rotor to handle constant extremes of heat over extended periods of time which minimises warping and cracking and prolongs the service life of the rotor.
  • Special formulation designed to respond to DBAs TSP process.

Thermographic Temperature Monitoring

  • Heat paint markings change colour at specific temperature thresholds offers the driver a clear indication of peak braking temperatures.
  • When temperature thresholds are exceeded paint markings will permanently change colours allowing the driver to monitor rotor fatigue and decide on rotor replacement and to assist resellers with warranty claims.

Paint protection on non-friction areas

  • Reduces corrosion, enhances appearance, stops any unsightly rust formation, adds value to the product.


Vehicle Fitment:

To ensure correct compatibility we always recommend comparing your existing brake discs to the measurements provided in the Specifications tab. Vehicle fitment provided is to be used as a guide only and may not suit your vehicle.

  • 2002-2007 Ford FPV F6/GT BA/BF
  • 2008-2014 Ford FPV F6/GT FG
  • 2008-2013 Ford Falcon XR6/XR8 FG
  • 2014-2016 Ford Falcon XR6/XR8 FGX

In addition we recommend checking the DBA Part Finder to see if there may be multiple brake rotor options for your car:

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Vehicle fitment in this listing is to be used as a rough guide only and may not suit your vehicle. Returns/Exchanges will incur restocking and freight fees or may be denied in certain circumstances.

DBA42102S Dimensions:


  • Diameter (mm): 355
  • Thickness (mm): 32
  • Height (mm): 50.5
  • Centre Hole Diameter (mm): 71.8
  • Minimum Thickness (mm): 30
  • Drum Maximum Diameter (mm): N/A
  • Wheel/Stud Holes: 5