GFB WGA Internal Wastegate Actuator - Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo/FPV F6

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When diving into the world of increasing your car’s boost pressure, the limits of a factory-fitted wastegate actuator can soon become apparent. Even with electronic boost control it is not always possible to overcome wastegate issues such as boost drop off at high RPM, unstable boost curve, or an inability to achieve target boost.
Upgrading to a GFB WGA ensures you get the best possible performance and response from your turbocharger!


Benefits over OEM:

  • Faster spool up
  • Less boost taper at high RPM
  • More stable boost control
  • Customizable spring rates
  • Supports higher boost pressure


It’s what we like to do here at GFB – maximize performance and minimize size. Here’s how we did it with the WGA:

  • Industry-first diaphragm design – the WGA’s Nomex-reinforced silicone diaphragm is designed to achieve the largest effective diaphragm area with the smallest possible outside diameter. This gives the WGA more control  authority over the wastegate flap, resulting in better boost control. It’s a bit like being the turbo’s puppet-master, rather than its puppet!
  • No unnecessary bulk sounds obvious, but attention to detail in the design means the WGA is the shortest actuator on the market
  • Longest stroke – with 18mm of rod travel, the WGA is suitable for controlling the largest of internal wastegates, or the extra travel can be used to further increase boost pressure without having to change springs.
  • Unique pivoting rod guide – machined from PEEK (an extremely high-performance engineering polymer), the encapsulated spherical rod guide takes up significantly less height in the actuator body than other designs, whilst offering low friction and superior wear resistance.



Setting the base spring pressure correctly for your application can have significant performance benefits, so we made sure the WGA offers the best adjustability on the market!

We supply 3 stainless steel springs that can be used in any combination ranging from 5psi to 22psi, but that’s only the beginning. Whilst other brands may offer more spring options (sold separately), changing springs to fine-tune boost pressure is time consuming and quite frankly, a pain in the butt.

That’s why we added another industry-first: turnbuckle adjustment. Because the WGA was designed with a long stroke, it is possible to use some of that extra stroke length to fine-tune the base boost pressure in a matter of minutes without swapping
springs or removing the actuator.

As an added benefit, the turnbuckle makes swapping springs so easy that it can often be done without removing the actuator from the car!


WGA part # 7306 is designed to bolt on to Ford XR6 turbo models. The 5psi and 7psi springs are installed for a base pressure of 12psi, and the 10psi spring is included in the packaging for further tuning options.

Please note that whilst this is a physical “bolt-on” product, it should be considered a tuning tool as it WILL increase boost pressure and therefore TUNING IS REQUIRED.


Vehicle Fitment:

  • Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo BA/BF/FG
  • Ford FPV F6 Turbo BA/BF/FG