GReddy Lower Rear Wing - (Urethane with carbon-weave pattern) ( TOYOTA 86 ZN6 )

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Product features

  • It is a part that smooths the large step between the rear window and the trunk lid and smoothly flows the running wind to the top of the trunk.
  • By covering large steps, fallen leaves and large debris can be reduced.
  • AES resin vacuum moulding with carbon pattern, high precision, high quality finish.
  • The carbon pattern creates a sporty look that cannot be achieved with a single colour. specification
  • Made of AES resin (black) with a carbon pattern on the surface, it can be used as is without painting (painting is also possible). AES・・・A resin with improved weather resistance on the properties of ABS resin, which is excellent in rigidity, impact resistance, and heat resistance.
  • Attached to the rear window with double-sided tape, no processing required [Product configuration] Window spoiler body (double-sided tape attached) GReddy aluminium emblem PAC primer